Progress on the pond...

Do you remember my story about a man who got a little bored one day, got on his earth moving machine, and began to dig a hole in the ground....a big hole? The hole that grew into a pond and had trouble holding water? Are you ready for an  update? 

After much research and several conversations with other pond owners in the area, he decided to go with adding a liner to the pond to keep the critters know, the critters who love to dig little underground tunnels that cause all the water to drain out. As providence would have it, my builder man met a local guy who used to work for a landscape company that installed ponds and now was doing this himself, as a side job. We hired him to help us install the liner. Then, the builder and the pond guy went to work on installing rocks...and a water fall feature...a water filtration system...plants that help keep the water clean...lights...and now...drumroll...FISH! We still hope to add stone for a fireplace pit on the shore and then the pond will be finished.

Before the fish came, some friends and I spent a few days in Plain early in the summer. We had planned to float the Wenatchee River, but the water was still high and not everyone was comfortable venturing out on the river. What to do on a hot day instead? Float the pond! 

The pond was the perfect place for a lazy much fun, good conversation, and lots of laughter! I'm so thankful for girlfriends who are always ready to have a good time! 

In early fall, I hosted another group of friends from our monthly early morning Bible reflection group. The pond was the perfect place for an evening campfire, watching the stars come out, and sharing life's joys and struggles. 

My husband loves to sit out by the pond in the evening and watch the fish jump at flies or the fish food he throws in. There is just something about the sound of water from the waterfall and the quiet reflective pond that calms the soul. I've shared several times that I am drawn to water, like my Dad before me.

As Psalm 42:7 says, "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls, all your waves and breakers have swept over me." The sound of water can be so soothing, yet as those who have recently experienced hurricane Matthew can testify, water can be terrifying and leave destruction and devastation in its' wake. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered loss. 

If you want to sit by a quiet pond and spend some time in reflection and stillness, come on by next time you are near Leavenworth. As you listen the water falling over the rocks, may you be reminded of the love of God that washes over us as we seek Him. Listen as Chris Tomlin sings Waterfall...

The sun is shining and the sky is blue...a perfect fall day in the Seattle area! Happy Tuesday! Warmly, Gracia