The 4th of July is here!

Last night we enjoyed an early 4th, celebrating with friends at Big Lake...which for some reason celebrates this wonderful national holiday a day early. 

My 4th of July fruit pizza...

My 4th of July fruit pizza...

As we sat there enjoying wonderful company, good food, and a phenomenal fireworks display with shouts of "America!" thrown out, I loved the shared sense of appreciation and gratitude for this holiday where we celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this beautiful country of ours. The good ole' USA takes a bashing from a lot of folks...and yes, we as a nation have "sins" and regrets for some ways we have treated others...yet, this country is worth celebrating for all the right things it has done.  I'm so thankful for the freedoms we enjoy!

Thanks, JR and Karen, for a great evening of celebration at Big Lake!

I hope you have a joyous 4th of July today and celebrate this wonderful country of ours...where we are blessed beyond measure. May God continue to bless America, land that I love!