A French Market...


Je vais au marche...I'm going to the market! One of the things I love about visiting other countries is shopping at a local outdoor market. Perhaps this is a throwback to my childhood growing up in Brasil, where my mother shopped at outdoor markets on a weekly basis. The vendors, the smells, the fresh produce...coupled with the sense that you are supporting a local business...and might get a better price than you would in a store...all come into play to make market day exciting! Oui!

After a good night of sleep in our friend's guest cottage, we rose to drink some delicious coffee and headed out to a local french market in a neighboring village. Meeting up with a couple of our hosts' friends, we enjoyed cafe ole together and set out to do a little shopping. I am always drawn to french linens so that was my first stop! Several lovely linen towels, an apron, and fabric to make runners found their way into my market bag. 

One of several linen vendors...


From there, we wandered around looking at other vendors, enjoying the sights and the sounds of the market. 

 A little garlic, anyone?


Fresh Vegetables..


Fresh bread! Hard to walk by this one...


Fresh seafood...


Look at all the cheese, or fromage...


And more fromage...


Just a few macaroons to choose from...


Fresh pastries and coffee...


The market was held on a street in the shadow of a towering church steeple. Amazingly, the church was open that day so we were able to get a look inside. One of the saddest things to hear as we toured this region of France is that many of the local churches are no longer open for services on Sunday morning. Those that do open are served by a priest or pastor that ministers to several churches so they are open on a rotating basis. Very few locals attend church and personal faith does not appear to be of importance. Our friends listen to messages online from their local church back in the Virgin Islands and do get together with other believing friends who live nearby. 


Upon leaving the market, we stopped at a local bakery for a loaf of bread. I so love bakeries! The woman who served us was so delightful...so french!


My shopping friends...Chris, our host in France...and Lois, my traveling buddy!


Hope you enjoyed this little tour through a french village market. I'll be back with one more post on a lovely local french cafe with a fabulous courtyard and interior. Au Revoir! Gracia