Inside A Charming French Home...


Moving into a home over 200 years old in a French village requires a certain je ne sais quoi...hard to adequately describe it. One must be comfortable with imperfections like cracked tile, imperfect plumbing, wavy floors. Yet, if you can see the charm and look past the things that would never pass building codes today, you can enjoy the timeless ambiance an old home provides. 

This is exactly what dear friends, Chris and Mike, have chosen to do by settling in Floressas, France for part of the year. Their lovely home has experienced some remodeling over the years and some creative enhancements by Mike himself, yet the character of the house remains unchanged. Their home exudes a warmth and timelessness that new homes cannot match.

As you enter, the tall green front doors open up to an foyer and hallway that connects to the kitchen/dining on one side, and the living room on the other, and an office space straight ahead.



Entering the kitchen, you see the quintessential open fire place seen in french homes. Instead of a room full of matching cabinets, there are individual, unique furniture like pieces.



Heading down the hall in the opposite direction, you enter the living room. Love all the artwork in each room!

Living Room:


Down the stairs, there is a lovely guest room suite, and master bedroom with master bath.

The Guest Room:


The Master bath and bedroom:


In the hall, Mike created this niche by cutting into the plaster wall to expose the brick behind it. Such a great idea!


To add windows to the Master bedroom, Mike cut through the plaster and brick, leaving some of it exposed. Then, he added smaller cutouts throughout the room for character and interest!


Outside the french doors is a lovely little spot for morning coffee, just around the corner from the pool. 


I hope you enjoyed the little tour of this lovely french home! The hospitality of our hosts was unsurpassed during our stay. Chris and Mike served us delicious meals, with entrees of duck, mussels in cream, and lamb chops...always accompanied by fresh baked bread from a local bakery and delicious local wine pairings.  Each day was spent touring one of the nearby villages and meeting up with some of their friends...such lovely, hospitable people. 

I'll be back soon with one more post from France. You have to see a restaurant (in a converted barn like building) where we had dinner one night, a village open air market, and a few other spots. Au Revoir! Warmly, Gracia