Time in Trondheim...


I know this may seen like the never ending trip, but I promise, the posts on Norway are almost finished! One more...

When our ship stopped in Trondheim, the first thing we wanted to see was the Nidaros Cathedral, one of Norway's most famous Gothic style structures. The morning weather was sunny and clear, perfect for a walk of several blocks from the pier to the cathedral. 


The Nidaros Cathedral has quite a history, dating back to the initial start of construction in 1070. Built over the tomb of St Olav, the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway, the cathedral was completed in about 1300. This cathedral was Northern Europe's most important pilgrimage site for Christians in the Middle Ages. The Kings of Norway were also crowned here in special coronation services.

The Cathedral grounds are lovely, and surrounded by the Nidelva river. Taking a walk across the bridge just past the cathedral gave us another vantage point to see the cathedral...so lovely. One of the excursions available that day was a kayak trip down the river and I was tempted...but I really wanted to see the cathedral, so I passed. Seeing the kayaks on the river did look like fun though!


This gorgeous window greets you as you approach the cathedral. We took a walk around the inside, listening to several tour guides ahead of us. 


As you can see, the cathedral is stunning and is still used for Sunday services. 


Following our tour of the inside of the cathedral, my cousin and I walked into the gift shop. Standing in the checkout line, I heard the woman in front of me ask the clerk if the pipe organ was only played on Sundays. The clerk said that was usually true, but that morning the organist was doing a short performance for school children, in about half an hour! Lyle and I decided to hang around and catch the mini concert and I'm so glad we did! What a treat to hear the organist play segments of songs that would delight the children, like "Peter and the Wolf," StarWars theme song, Jingle Bells, along with several magnificent portions of pieces by Handel and Bach. These unplanned moments while traveling always feel like a divine appointment to me!


Walking down some charming side streets, I was happy to come across a home interiors shop and browse through it :). 


See all the mustard and blues?


 A little more modern street scene...


Came across this cute little troll...


After a fun morning, we walked back to the harbor and onto the ship to keep sailing north toward the Lofoten Islands.


More lovely lighthouse sightings...


The next stop was Bodo, a city that was virtually destroyed in WWII, so the city is quite modern. Loved coming across this flower market!


Stopping in to see the local Husfliden, where home made or local crafts are sold, was always a fun part of almost every city in Norway that we visited. This shop in Bodo was filled with local bunads that could be ordered....for a pretty price. 


I loved these posters!


Back on the ship, I just had to share a few more scenes from voyage...


Have I enticed you yet to visit Norway? I hope so! Have a happy Friday, friends! Warmly, Gracia