Stopping at Stavanger...


After checking into our airbnb, we drove to the wharf in Stavanger, Norway's 3rd largest city. Once again, we were charmed by the lovely shops and restaurants, all within walking distance of the port. The restaurants were busy so we put our name on a list and did a little shopping! 


I have a thing about whimsical statues...just loved this one!


In the heart of the square, lies Norway's oldest cathedral. Despite a fire after it was built in the 1100's, this church has been in continuous use since the 1300's. We had really hoped to see inside, but it was closed that afternoon. Though the schedule on the door said it would be open the next morning, the cathedral was still closed when we stopped by the next morning. The front of the church was going through a remodel/reface so perhaps that was the reason the doors weren't open. The outside was lovely, much detail in the windows!


This was actually the door that faced the square, with the front door being on the opposite side of the cathedral.


I did a google search and found these photos of the inside. Isn't it beautiful? 

Photo on google...

Photo on google...

I wonder how my pastor friends would love preaching from this height?

Photo on google...

Photo on google...

I loved seeing this older gentleman sitting outside the cathedral with his morning coffee. He reminded me of my dad...always like to drink his coffee surrounded by people.


Leaving Stavanger, we hopped on a short ferry across one of the many waterways. This darling little Norwegian girl caught my eye!


As we drove toward Bergen, we came to a little village called Forde...not to be confused with the larger city named Forde further north. Since that is my cousin Lyle's last name, we had to stop, of course! We stopped at the local church and the cemetery where Lyle went looking for a few relatives!


A local gentleman told Lyle about a lovely park so we drove there and took a few photos.

Rachel Forde, by her bench!

Rachel Forde, by her bench!

Our next stop you will not want to miss! We took a ferry to the lovely summer hytte owned by Lyle's cousin, Oddvar and his wife, Jofrid. You will fall in love with the setting and the home they built. Be back soon! Warmly, Gracia