Almost Paradise...

Sometimes hitting a "big" birthday...the decades old a little painful. You look at the number coming up and there's a part of you that just can't wrap your mind around it. Whaaaaat? I couldn't possibly be that old! Feels like just yesterday I was 25! 

Knowing this one could be a little rough for me, my builder man asked me to choose a place to go for my birthday that might make it a little less painful and a lot more tolerable! Well, going to the beach, especially in the Caribbean, is pretty much my first choice...always! Remembering a special trip we took years ago to San Salvador Island in the Bahamas, we decided to go back. As Jacques Costeau said, "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

After a red eye flight, we landed in Miami to catch our little hopper flight to the island. Walking through the Miami airport my husband was practically salivating thinking about fishing. 


Thankfully, our small plane took off as scheduled, filled with other vacationers like us headed to the same resort...Columbus Isle. We met a family from Minnesota with four cute kids and everyone was almost giddy as we caught our first sight of the Caribbean blue water. 

Walking off the plane and down the steps, the balmy heat wave just washed over me and reminded me once again of my childhood in Brasil. I could sense my body relaxing and my cares floating away...such a wonderful feeling! Once we received the warm welcome from the GO's (Gracious Organizers), we were escorted to our building. What a wonderful surprise to be on the water side with our own private balcony, looking out this sight!

With a quick change of clothes, we raced down to the beach...feeling like kids again! The beach did not disappoint...simply beautiful. Though the water temperature was a little cooler at this time of year, it was so refreshing and amazingly clear. Here's a little taste of our week...

I'm always fascinated by the palm trees, plants, and flowers near the beach.

The sun set so quickly but one night I had my camera with me and captured a taste of its beauty as it went down.

Walking back towards the main restaurant, the pool was quiet and undisturbed at this time of day. 

I spent my days walking the beach, laying out in the sun and under the beach umbrellas reading good books, doing Aqua gym to get a little exercise to alleviate my guilt over the white chocolate bread I consumed daily (!), visiting with my hubby and new friends we met from Michigan (shout out to Cliff and Michelle!), eating delicious meals including conch salad and conch fritters, and just loving the beach. 

And on my actual birthday, the housekeeping crew left this cake for me!

The sea rejuvenates me and fills me with fresh hope for the years to come. As Karen Chopin says, "The voice of the sea speaks to the soul." Those words are so true for me. 

Where is your happy place? Would love to hear about it! 

If you're like me and love the beach, I'll leave you with this fun blast from the past by the Beach Boys. Spring break is coming up...just sayin"!  Warmly, Gracia