Norwegians love to celebrate...

Norwegian Americans love to celebrate...their heritage on Syttende Mai. Falling on the 17th of May each year, Norwegians celebrate the signing of the Norwegian Constitution with parades full of Norskes in their native dress (bunads), many flags flying, and lots of good food! Though it's sort of like our 4th of July, and Norway's colors are red, white, and blue, their food and dress are definitely different.

Ever since my cousin Lyle's daughter, Rachel, moved into her condo in the heart of Ballard, it's been so fun to trek down there for the festivities and enjoy a smorgasbord prior to the parade. As in years past, Rachel does a lovely job decorating and puts on a lovely and delicious spread of good food...with a few contributions from friends and family. 

This year, a special set of twins dropped by with their mother, Victoria, and grandparents, Heidi and Gary. These two, named Ava and Odin ( a name dear to my heart since it was my dad's name) were dressed in darling bunads from Norway and custom knit hats by one of their family friends.

And Rachel's nephews, Collin, Aaron,and Luke are always dressed in festive clothes too!

The children are really a highlight of the day for me. I just love to see them dressed up and joining in the celebration of the day!

Then there are a few boats and cars that are fun to see...

And, there are always one or two Norwegians that mix it up with the old and new...

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Syttende Mai in Seattle! If you are of Norwegian descent or just love hanging out with Norwegians, it's worth the trip to attend! You might even get a bite of one of my favorite desserts, Verdens Beste...Norway's national cake! 

As the Norwegian National anthem says, Ja vi elsker dette landet (Yes, we love this country)...yes, we sure do! Warmly, Gracia