A Tea Party...

Do you remember way last summer when I mentioned that our church was searching for a new Pastor since our former, beloved, Pastor of 16 years had resigned? The search is still in process! Recently we invited a young Pastor and his wife, and baby son, to come out West for an interview.

One event of the weekend was a Tea Party for the women of our church to meet the prospective Pastor's wife. Fortunately, a woman in our church, Ruth, loves to give tea parties! I've had the joy of attending one at her home and now one at the church on a larger scale. She engaged the help of my friend, Pam, and they planned and put the party on for all of us.

I believe the menu was: Quiche Lorraine, Mini Egg Salad open face sandwich, Smoked salmon pate on a cracker, mini Blueberry Muffins, Scones with butter and jam, and a variety of fruit, with tea, sparkling cider, and coffee. Don't you love seeing all the lovely embroidered table cloths and varieties of china? So beautifully done!

Had to have a dessert course as well! The sweet desserts were mini apple and raspberry turnovers, raspberry oatmeal bars, Coconut and chocolate macaroons, Lemon curd filled mini tartlets, and Lindt chocolates....the perfect ending to a lovely tea party!

Ruth and Pam did such a wonderful job and the party was a success! Everyone had a good time and enjoyed meeting the wife of our Pastoral candidate. We are all so thankful that God has sustained our church by providing a local retired, interim pastor in this time of transition. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Warmly, Gracia