Staging a Riverfront cabin...

Just returned home from staging another cabin in the Plain, just around the corner from Leavenworth, WA. The home is located on the Wenatchee River, in the Ponderosa, a large development of over 600 homes, many of them cabins for recreational use.

This "cabin" was a bit challenging to stage for sale, since it is a manufactured home. When folks go looking to buy or rent a cabin in this mountain area, they typically want a place that feels and looks like a woodsy know the look! Since this home could not provide that feeling with the bones of the place, my goal was to try to use furnishings and decor to give it that cabin ambiance.

The owners are looking for a quick sale, hopefully before October 1rst when they go south for the winter. The realtors asked me to stage the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Here are the before photos:

Feels a bit generic, doesn't it? I wish we could have had time and funds to paint the walls, replace flooring and window treatments/blinds, but that was not in the budget. I went back to our place in Plain and "shopped" our storage area and borrowed a couple of furnishings from our bunkhouse!

The porch:

The Kitchen:

The Dining area:

The living area:

Sofa borrowed from the owners...

Sofa borrowed from the owners...

And the master bath:

Fairly simple touches, but they lend a sense of a cabin get away to this home. A new owner could do wonders with repainting or staining the golden oak like cabinets too...a relatively inexpensive update! The primary selling point to this home is definitely the setting and the view, right on the river. Isn't that a lovely view?

I always enjoy working with Dwight and Lynn Stoddard of Leavenworth Properties! If you or someone you know is looking for a home in the Leavenworth area, give them a call! 

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all those affected by the fires in the Chelan area and other parts of eastern Washington. I guess we really do need a little rain in our state! What an incredible summer though! Warmly, Gracia