Coffee at Mon Amie...

Not long ago, I followed the recommendation of a friend and stopped by Mon Amie, a coffee shop/bakery in Mill Creek. I'm don't speak french, so I looked up the meaning of mon amie, and found out that it means "my (female) friend." I had invited my friend, Pam, along with me so I felt like my little venture was fulfilling the meaning of the cafe's name.  

Their brochure says their "cafe began with a love for baking, coffee, and France." Though I can certainly heartily concur with their love for baking and coffee, I can't say I've spent enough time in France to fall in love with it.  I've been to Paris twice, and Versailles once, but that's about the extent of my experience there. Paris certainly has its' charms, but I'm more of a country girl at heart. One day, I would love to return and leave the big city and travel into the French countryside.

Upon entering the cafe, I was delighted immediately with the scent of rich coffee. I have to agree with a quote I read by Jessi Lane Adams, "Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven." Looking at the pastries in their glass cases did remind me of Paris, with its' rich croissants and freshly baked baguettes. My favorite lunch in Paris was stopping by a cafe, buying a croissant or baguette and a piece of cheese, with a cup of coffee...delish! (And affordable!).

I don't know if you noticed it, but on the top shelf of the first photo there was an almond croissant, the last one, just calling my name. Since those are one of my favorite things, and in the spirit of fairness with the Red Cup Cafe in Mukilteo, I felt like I  had to have it...just had to. 

I will just say that the almond croissant did not flaky and delicious. The coffee was wonderful as well, coming from a local roasting company, Pegasus, on Bainbridge Island. Pam had a piece of quiche, which had a flaky crust and creamy, flavorful, filling. Mon Amie is far more than a cafe/bakery, serving up a full lunch menu of soup, salads, and sandwiches. Known for their macarons and cakes, along with breakfast sandwiches and breads, I definitely hope to venture that direction for another visit soon...very soon!

If you've wondered why the blog has been a little quiet lately, it's because my father in law was in the hospital with aspirating pneumonia last week. After fighting the infection for several days, he was put on hospice care and passed away on Saturday, May 23...just a few weeks shy of reaching his 93rd birthday. He lived a full life and will be deeply missed. Now all of our parents are gone, and it is a strange feeling...a little lonely. When my parents died as a result of a car accident years ago, my Bible Study Fellowship leader shared a verse with me from John 4:18, "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." What a comfort to know that God himself is Immanuel...God with us. In His Keeping, Gracia