Coffee at The Living Room...

I've been itching to visit the Living Room coffee house in Marysville ever since I attended the IF: Gathering several weeks ago. You may remember that they catered this event for women held at Life Point church in Lake Stevens. (Click here to see their charming table displays and food). I was curious to see what the ambiance was like and taste their coffee...since good coffee is the key to a successful coffee shop in my book! I agree with Hugh Jackman, who said, "The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions!"

A friend and I dropped in there around lunch time several days ago. Though the outside of the building is quite nondescript, the ambiance inside makes up for it. When you step inside the door, you feel like you truly are entering someone's living room! And if the first living room is occupied, you have several more to choose from as you walk back to the coffee order bar in the back.  Each room is slightly different, but full of vintage, funky decor items and comfy sofas.

Since it was almost noon, they were already out of their signature cinnamon rolls and several other pastries. They were serving a limited lunch menu, however. We decided to try the tomato bisque soup along with fresh baked bread...after our cappuccinos, of course! (I will just say that cappuccino and tomato soup is not a great combination....just saying!)

Their coffee comes from Stumptown roasters. Stumptown is now a string of well known coffee shops located in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. (Their two locations in Seattle are on my coffee shop bucket list!). The coffee at the Living Room is served in mason jar mugs...appropriate for the vintage feel of the coffee house. My cappuccino was fairly strong, but delicious!

Enjoying our lunch, it was fun to see a group of young moms, very comfortable and relaxed as they sat around a low square coffee table, chatting and watching their toddlers coloring while they sipped their coffee. I have to say...this venue is perfect for that scenario!

We spoke briefly with one of the staff, and he showed us a room in the back that is used for mini concerts or private events. Though it was rather dark during the middle of the day, I'm sure it would be charming with the white mini lights strung around the room all lit up!

All in all, we enjoyed our experience and it's nice to know that the Living Room is just a few miles away...perfect for relaxed morning cup of coffee with a friend or two. 

I can't believe it's Friday already! Hasn't this week just felt like spring? I love watching the fishermen out in their boats early in the peaceful, so calm. And when the sun bursts over Mt. Pilchuck, I can't help but smile. Have a wonder filled weekend! Warmly, Gracia