Baby Shower love...

Raising two sons, my life was full of boys playing in the mud, searching for fish in the creek and the lake, riding 4 wheelers, playing sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and football; swimming, skiing, and hiking, attending science and computer camps, engaging in lots of very physical in constant motion! Though they loved to read and hear stories at bedtime, our life in the day time was on the go. There were no tea parties, afternoons spent coloring or crafting, playing "dress up", or shopping for prom dresses. 

Since I do like some of those "girly" things, my friends who had daughters let me tag along when they went shopping or watched chick flicks, and invited me to attend their daughters games, whether they were playing or cheer leading. Their daughters became special to me and I enjoyed developing relationships with them. As they grew older, several got married and it was fun to host or attend bridal showers and their weddings. Fast forward a few more years, and the babies are starting to come! 

Last fall, my friend Lois hosted a baby shower for our friend Karen's daughter, Kristen, and I was glad to help by making a cake. Since Kristen was having a boy, the shower theme was little blue elephants on safari! The joy of anticipating this little guy's birth was so evident...a first grandchild for our dear friends. 

Mama to be, Kristen, and grandma to be, Karen.

And now, little Xavier is here and thriving...just makes you smile, doesn't he? What joy he brings to his parents, Phil and Kristen, and grandparents, JR and Karen!

This past Saturday, I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for Kristi, the daughter of a long time family friend, Donette. A little girl is due to arrive soon and I decided on a Sweet Pea theme...lots of pink and green. What fun to connect with many of Kristi's extended family and long time friends as we celebrate this happy occasion together! I was so thankful to have some help from a dear friend who helped me decorate, friends who contributed a salad and fruit, and my sister in law, Dawn, who loaned me pink tablecloths and trays.

Kristi is so fortunate to have a large extended family that loves to get together and is very supportive. Her mother, grandmother, three aunts, sister in law, and cousins were all at the shower!

One of my favorite verses for young mothers is Isaiah 40:11, "He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; He gently leads those that have young." Whenever I think of that verse, I am reminded of the lullaby my mother sang to me and my siblings, and I sang to my boys,

"Jesus Tender Shepherd hear me, guide thy little lamb tonight, Through the darkness by Thou near me, Keep me safe 'till morning light.

All this day Thy hand has led me. And I thank thee for Thy care. Thou has watched and clothed and fed me, Listen to my evening prayer." 

I feel so blessed to have these young women in my life!

Donette, kristi, and me.

Donette, kristi, and me.