Coffee at the Red Cup Cafe...

Whenever I'm on my way to catch the Mukilteo ferry to go to Whidbey Island, I spot this coffee shop as I'm headed down the hill called the Red Cup Cafe. I make a mental note to drive over and have a cup of coffee sometime but I never do.  As you know, there are coffee stands and coffee shops all over the greater Seattle area so one doesn't have to drive too far to find one. There are some coffee shops that manage to gather a loyal following and stand out above the crowd,however. The Red Cup Cafe is one of those!

I've been doing a lot of office work lately and just felt the need to get out for a little break. I called a friend this morning and asked her if she wanted to get a cup of coffee somewhere new for us. She was game to go so off we went to Mukilteo, taking the scenic route past Forest Park, up the hill, catching glimpses of Puget Sound as we drove along. 

Arriving at the Red Cup Cafe, the first thing that catches your eye are the funky statues outside. There is a lovely outdoor seating area, but it was a little chilly for that today. 

Opening the door, you notice a laid back vibe, brightly colored light fixtures, a little music playing, and a big bar in front of you to place your order. There is much much more than just coffee and pastries here! You can have a full blown breakfast or lunch, with lots of choices.

We placed our order...two cappuccinos (of course!) and my fav, an almond croissant, and found a table! Glancing up, I saw this guy reaching out to me with a coffee cup!

Looking out the window, we had a beautiful view of the water. The cafe was busy, but not loud. You could easily carry on a conversation and not feel like you were overhearing the conversations of other patrons. The cappuccinos came and were so good...lots of creamy foam on the top in a ceramic mug...yum! The almond croissant did not disappoint either! Since my friend is trying to eat healthfully right now, she "let" me enjoy the croissant all to myself and ordered a green garden salad...fresh and delicious as well. The Red Cup Cafe was definitely worth the little drive to get there! I think it would be fun to stop by on a summer morning, sitting out to watch the ferry come and go and enjoy the view of the water.

Enjoying our little break in the day, we also popped in a small gift shop just around the corner. The shop, Beach Glass, is full of fun interior decor items, many of them nautical. Carrying Dash and Albert rugs, an assortment of great pillows and poofs, fun and unique jewelry...we were glad we stopped by. 

After this fun little jaunt to a new coffee shop, I've decided to visit some other coffee shops in the greater Seattle area when I have a little free time and feel ready to for a coffee adventure. Do you have a favorite coffee shop, other than Starbucks? Would love to hear about it and maybe check it out! As David Lynch said, "I like cappuccino actually. But a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all." My sentiments, exactly! I'm willing to risk the occasional bad cup of coffee, knowing a good one is not hard to find when you live near Seattle.

I'll be sharing photos of a kitchen remodel project soon. Happy midweek! Warmly, Gracia