A morning walk...

Woke up in Plain Saturday morning and took a walk with my husband along the River Road. There was no traffic and the sounds of nature were all around us...the river rippling over the rocks, the birds chirping and singing, the sweet smell of pine. As we walked along, I remembered a post I had seen on Facebook where someone interviewed a 94 year old woman about her secret to such a long and healthy life. Her secret? Get outside for at least 20 minutes every day. "There is always wonder to behold," she said.

Though I've been a runner for quite a few years now, I appreciate the joys of walking too. For one, it's pretty hard to hold hands and run together, but it works quite well for walking! The slower pace allows you to take things in...to listen...to see. 

Another thought that came to mind as we walked along...enjoying and taking in all the beauty of the morning, was a quote from Jim Elliot, "Wherever you are, be all there." In this age where we are never far from our cell phones, it's so easy to be distracted and miss the beauty and the people all around us. 

A special bonus of our walk that morning was walking by a cabin that our friends had rented for the weekend...and there they were, out on the front porch drinking their coffee. We called out, "Good morning" and they answered and invited us up for coffee and doughnuts...even though they were still in there "jammies!" Though we had to pass since we both had work obligations, the warm greetings and invitation were so heartwarming. 

So, today, promise me you will get outside and enjoy the beautiful country we live in. Leave your cell phone at home...you will survive...and so will anyone trying to reach you! 

Happy Monday!