When life gives you lemons....

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"....a common quote you hear after telling someone your tale of woe. After last week's unexpected sunshine and warm temperatures, the rains came back in a deluge...and I needed something to brighten things up around here. There is something about looking at things that are yellow that just cheers me up...yellow tulips, yellow daisies, and yes, the yellowest of all fruits, the lovely lemon.

via pinterest...

via pinterest...

For the past two winters, I have kept a Hot Chocolate bar in our kitchen. My older son and his friends are big fans of hot chocolate and frequent partakers!  As I was thinking about what to replace it with for spring and summer, I thought about my son's favorite summer drink...lemonade. Though I'm not as crazy about lemonade as he is, I do love almost all things lemon....lemon bars, lemon pie, lemon cake, lemon drops, lemon chicken, lemon sparkling water....you get the picture! I love the combination of tart and sweet. So, I put together a Lemonade bar...along with a few choice lemon flavored candies...just for fun!

I usually have the lemonade bar set up on the kitchen counter, but when guests come and we entertain on the deck and front porch, I plan to move it out there. All I'll need to add is a water dispenser and an ice bucket and some glasses.

Just in case you are wondering what I currently have in my lemonade bar...here goes:

Lemons (for slicing and/or garnish)

Countrytime lemonade mix (Safeway, Costco)

Crystal Light lemonade mix (Safeway, Costco)

Lemon Heads Candy (Dollar Store, Target)

Lemon Drops (World Market, Target)

Lemoncello Almonds (my new addiction from Costco!)

Lemon Stir sticks (Sur La Tab)

Yellow striped straws (Bee Bops and Lollipops in Snohomish, WA)

Yellow daisies (Safeway)

Sparkling Lemonade and Limeade (Trader Joe's) ...(on the kitchen bar photo).

If you choose to do a lemonade bar, have fun! Be creative! Would love to hear what you add to yours :).

So when the spring rains come, or perhaps life is giving you some "lemons", make yourself a cold glass of lemonade. I promise you...it will cheer you up! You can even add strawberries if you are feeling especially needy or decadent! Or better yet, go to your Bible and look up Lamentations 3: 21 - 23, 

"Yet this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope; Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." 

His Word is the best encouragement and balm for our weary souls when life turns sour.

Oh, and one more lemon favorite...I could go on and on...but must share this one. Purchase some lemon olive oil and add a dash or two to roasted asparagus or green beans...delish!

Lemon oil from Blanc and Rouge in Snohomish...

Lemon oil from Blanc and Rouge in Snohomish...

Happy Monday, friends! Hope this post brought a little encouragement and cheer as you start your week. Warmly, Gracia