The love of flowers...

One of the things I love about spring is the abundance of flowers for sale at affordable prices. Flowers, like coffee, are one of my small obsessions. Who can resist a bouquet of daffodils for 99 cents a bunch, or bouquet of tulips for 3 dollars a bunch? Or, if I'm feeling like there simply isn't much room in the budget for flowers, I grab the clippers and walk outside to cut some fresh rhododendron lovely...and free!

When it comes to flower arrangements, I prefer very simple ones....just one, or at the most,  two varieties of flowers in a vase. Certain flowers say different things to me. A few months ago I read The Language of Flowers, a novel about a girl raised in the foster system who loves flowers and learns the Victorian meaning (the language) behind each one. I enjoyed reading this book, not only for the insightful look into the foster system, but also for the idea that flowers have their own language.

Who knew that a hyacinth says constancy, a honeysuckle says devotion, an aster says patience, or a daffodil says new beginnings?

A few other favorites....tulip says declaration of love...

Lily says wonder it's the flower for Easter!

Lilac says first emotions of love....

via pinterest

via pinterest

How about you? Do you have a favorite spring flower that speaks to you?