The weather often turns gnarly in November in the Puget Sound area of Washington. The grey clouds descend; the rain seems to fall sideways, pushed by the wind. The power flickers and goes out, usually right around Thanksgiving Day! Yet, our pastor encouraged us to look for things to be thankful for each day this month. Having read Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, a while ago, I’ve been intentional being thankful, recording even the minute and commonplace things in a journal.

Some days are easy, when the sun shines (or even if the rain and wind subside!), my builder husband has work, my sons are clicking along with work and school, and I have projects to work on. The leaves on the trees seem even more colorful, I hear the birds sing, I see the last of summer flowers hanging on…and I am thankful.  


Other days are hard, when I awake early to dark, driving rain, there is no work on the horizon, a son or dear friend is struggling, and a heavy spirit comes over me. Yet, even on those days, thankfulness can come when I look to the Word for encouragement, when I remember that God has sifted  whatever is bothering me, through his mighty, powerful, and loving hand.  The entries in my thanks giving journal become very basic on those days…thanks for:

  • my family, even with its struggles,
  • a home, with light and heat,
  • provision, for food,
  • friends, just a phone call away,
  • faith, that gives hope…even on the dark days.
  • my first cup of coffee in the morning…the best!
  • Pepper, the cat, is using her litter box once again!

What about you…what are you thankful for on the hard days?