Mountain Cabin with a pond...

We spent this past weekend in Plain, working on projects for our loft cabin. Prior to this, I will admit we had been calling it an "apartment", mainly because you have to go up a flight of stairs to reach the living area. Neither one of us liked the sound of that word for this space though....sounded way too urban. Getting ready to list it on VRBO, we knew we had to come up with a name. We finally decided on Hans Olaf Loft, once again using the names of my two grandfathers, Hans Olaf Mosby and Olaf Stenberg.

Last summer, Brooks was messing around with one of his machines, grading the lawn out in front of Hans Olaf, and he decided to dig a pond. Yep, so that's what he did! If you know my husband at all, this will NOT surprise you! Once he dug it all out, he filled it with water and waited to see if the pond would hold the water. He actually floated around in an inner tube for a little while too...the inner child never dies!

However, in Plain we have a lot of little critters...that like to burrow holes and tunnels underground. Soon, the pond was leaking water due to these little guys so we knew we had to come up with a plan. As my husband began to research pond liners and sprayed concrete, he realized these options were quite a bit pricier than he had thought. What can I say? Dig now...research later...doesn't always work out so well! Gotta love the man! We still haven't finalized our plan for our pond, but I was inspired when I came across some photos on Houzz of a mountain cabin with a pond in Montana. Maybe you've seen these photos...they've been pinned many times on Pinterest.

What a beautiful place! Now, ours won't be nearly this big and fancy, but it's fun to see what other builders have done with a mountain pond. Just thought you might enjoy a little Mountain eye candy too!

Hope you survived Cinco de Mayo! Happy Wednesday! Warmly, Gracia